Bezel for 128×32 OLED display

This is a custom machined BEZEL for commonly -used 0.91″ 128×32 OLED displays, most often used with Arduino – and sometimes in Raspberry Pi – projects. You can only buy them from our eBay shop

These displays are low cost. However, as they stand they aren’t very professional-looking. And mounting them into an enclosure or panel usually means a messily cut rectangular(ish) hole and four screw holes. The end result works OK but it doesn’t look great.

These bezels make all the difference! They are custom machined from Perspex/acrylic. The front face is not machined to preserve the nice black glossy finish of the Perspex. The retaining clip (that holds the display into the bezel) is made of ABS.

The rear of the bezel is especially machined to accommodate the 0.91″ OLED display to a maximum size of 38.5mm x 12.5 mm (of the display’s overall PCB). The display is retained by the retaining clip (which should be secured using commonly available adhesives). The bezel is glued the bezel into your enclosure or panel. The bezel overlaps the cut-out by 2mm all round, thus hiding the usual messy cut-out. 4mm of the bezel sits in the cut-out this leaving 2mm standing proud of the enclosure or panel surface.

Note that to make the bezel as small as possible, the display is not exactly in the centre of the bezel. Our other 128×32 bezel is larger with the display centralised, and it comes with the display.

Overall, the end result is dramatically better in appearance, looks much tidier and more professional. And there are no screw holes!

The bezel is not an injection-moulded part. It has been individually machined out of Perspex/acrylic, so the sides of the bezel have a machined finish and the front is glossy. The retaining clip is machined ABS.

How and where to buy this bezel

We make this bezel in-house. It is designed, manufactured, and stocked only in the UK, and is shipped from the UK only. This is NOT a re-sold component from our friends in the far East.

You can buy this bezel only and exclusively from our eBay shop.

Note that we make and sell only bezels. We do not include the OLED display, box/enclosure, or adhesives.

Check out the images of this unique bezel