ST7735s TFT SPI Display Module WITH BEZEL

front combined-750

This is a combined colour TFT display and bezel. 

This is a custom-made part, custom-machined from black Perspex/acrylic. The front of the bezel has a nice gloss black finish. All other surfaces have a machined finish. This is not a moulded part.

The item contains the bezel, the display, 2 fixing clips and 4 screws and a header plug.

The bezel is ALSO available without the TFT display.

The Display (optionally included in this item), is fixed into the rear of the bezel and held in place with the two clips and four screws supplied. The bezel with the display is then mounted into a cut-out on your panel or enclosure.
Overall, the end result is dramatically better in appearance, looks much tidier and more professional. And there are no screw holes!

The bezel is not an injection-moulded part. It has been individually machined out of Perspex/acrylic, so the sides of the bezel have a machined finish and the front is glossy.

How and where to buy this bezel and TFT display

We make this bezel in-house. The bezel is designed, manufactured, and stocked only in the UK, and is shipped from the UK only. The TFT module is a commonly available module from a 3rd party.

You can buy this bezel and display ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY from our eBay shop.

The TFT is tested to make sure it works, and matched to the bezel so that is displays properly.

Check out the images of this bezel and TFT combination